बिहिबार , अषोज ११, २०८०

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१२८ नेपाली चेलीको बम्बैको कोठि बाट उद्दार गरि आफै भाडा हाली नेपाल फर्काए भारतिय नायक सुनिल सेट्टिले

Hello dear facebook team my facebook account has been locked it has problem regarding confirm identity please help me to unlock my facebook account otherwish change my option

Sunil sarati indin legent is ckdckdkckcbnsskseddkvn nkstcbc. Fthhnrnt. Kddbdbkdk. Ddndncb. Dkdkvvkkk.

Gm ho is going to be a better one for me and I will be back from the next few weeks and I will be back from the UK until the 1st of September

I’m going to have a couple of days off and then

And a few weeks back and I have a couple of days off and the rest

I’m going to bed for a few


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