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साउदी अरबमा मृत्यु भएका ३० नेपाली.. देखेर पनि नदेखे जस्तो नगर्नुहोस RIP लेखी सेयर गरौंAre you contemplating an opportunity to work abroad? Kuwait, the oil-rich country in the Middle East, is currently recruiting for a substantial number of positions. In an attempt to boost its labour market and strengthen the economy, the country has issued invitations to 231 individuals worldwide, with an overall demand for 60,000 workers.

The employment landscape in Kuwait is dynamic and diverse, with opportunities spanning various sectors such as construction, healthcare, engineering, education, and hospitality. From fresh graduates to experienced professionals, Kuwait provides a competitive platform for individuals to not only develop their professional skills but also to experience a rich cultural exchange.

Scope of Opportunities

Here is a basic table summarizing the employment sectors and the approximate number of positions available:

Sector Number of Positions
Construction 15,000
Healthcare 10,000
Engineering 10,000
Education 10,000
Hospitality 15,000


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